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Rome … before and after …

September 14, 2011

Among life’s defining moments, six months spent living in Rome and traveling through portions of Italy is right at the top for me. Rich, lugubrious, insane, voluptuous, comic and rapturous, Rome is a festival of sensory overload.  An intermingling of historical shards and fragments spanning centuries (millennia actually), some planned though more often accidental or just simply handy, usually means simple walks become tantalizing encounters with the city’s history.

Loggia at the Palazzo Altemps, Rome.

Loggia at the Palazzo Altemps, Rome.

This blog had to start somewhere and this inaugural post referencing Rome seemed the proper way.  For me life is before Rome and after Rome … those six months in 2004 (and subsequent booster shots) were simply extraordinary for this cultural omnivore.  A great hinge point.

This blog will be about contemporary art and antiquity, auctions and scandals, archaeology and … well … encounters … encounters with places like the Palazzo Altemps, home to a remarkable collection of antiquities with respites like this loggia, which is just spectacularly orchestrated chaos …

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