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Weary Herakles … today in repatriation news

September 27, 2011

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has returned the marble statue Weary Herakles, dating from the mid- to late second century A.D., to Turkish officials. (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

In July 2011 Archaeology Matters reported the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston would return the upper half of a mid-2nd century AD statue Weary Herakles to Turkey, to be reunited with the lower half on view at a museum in Antalya.  CBC News reports the upper half of the statue has finally arrived.  The lower half was unearthed in Turkey in 1980 and the upper half surfaced at the Museum of Fine Arts in 1982 … hmmm. Ten years later plaster casts of the two halves were made, and they fit together perfectly.  Nevertheless, it still took another 19 years of wrangling and legal manoeuvers before Boston, properly, relented and agreed to return the upper half. The Boston Globe’s Geoff Edgers has a good summation of the whole mess.

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