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Speaking of the Dead Sea Scrolls … Images from Qumran … and one great quote

December 19, 2011

Not far from the Dead Sea is Qumran, the site in 1947 where the “Dead Sea Scrolls” were found.  They are now housed in a curiously shaped building on the grounds of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

The Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum – Home of the Dead Sea Scrolls – the roof, on which jets of water continually spray, is shaped like the lids that covered the vessels containing the scrolls – 10 December 2011

Qumran – 5 December 2011 – In the foreground are the structural remains of housing and other buildings once occupied by the sect responsible for the scrolls. Background looks toward the caves where the scrolls were found.

Driving through this section of Israel one can’t help but be astonished at the fact of the discovery of the scrolls. The hills/mountains are studded with untold numbers of caves, fissures and other places into which objects can be hidden, so the probability that the scrolls would be discovered was likely tiny.  Nevertheless, this question asked of a tour guide at the site (about the possible existence of other scrolls) was overheard: “Have all the caves been checked?”

That entertaining morning quote was followed at 4:30 PM with an announcement from a lifeguard to the last handful of bathers experiencing the buoyancy of the Dead Sea: “The Sea is now closed.”




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