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Mail Bag: Roberta swats Morley; Art Newspaper; Evan Holloway invite; Art & Antiques

April 3, 2012

What would the art world do without the New York Times‘ Roberta Smith? Her turn of a phrase (and occasional twist of the knife) are art world catnip.  Today she takes on TV’s Elder Grumpsman Morley Safer and his most recent smirky foray into the art world, which he famously skewered in a 1993 broadcast of 60 Minutes. Smirky 2.0 finds Safer, “swanning around Art Basel Miami Beach, the hip art fair,” in an exercise she says is “relatively toothless, if still quite clueless.” (Safer “swanning”? love the imagery).

Most damnable is this observation about Safer: “He can’t really tell good from bad and doesn’t care to put in the time that might make him able to.”  Enjoy the ride … it comes with a wonderful conclusion.

The April 2012 Art Newspaper leads with a feature about fundraising and endowments at US museums, and their annual rankings (by attendance) of museums and exhibitions; Evan Holloway opens Trees, Heads, Molds at Xavier Hufkens this Thursday, April 5, in Brussels; and the latest Art & Antiques looks at Orientalism and Dan Flavin, among others.

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