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Beautiful Mosaics at Italian World Heritage site restored

July 4, 2012

Portion of restored mosaics at World Heritage Site in Sicily

According to ANSA.IT, today is the first day newly restored mosaics at a World Heritage Site in Sicily will again be open to the public:

The world-famous imperial Roman Villa del Casale at the Piazza Armerina archeological area in Sicily has been returned to its full splendour following a six-year restoration costing 18 million euros.

The villa’s mosaics, dating to the 4th century AD, are considered “the finest in situ in the Roman world” according to the UN cultural heritage organisation UNESCO, which put the site on its World Heritage List in 1997.

Over 4,100 square metres of mosaic have been cleaned in the restoration and now show their original colours. The old plexiglass roof has also been replaced with a new wooden structure that allows air to reach the remains.

The official reopening is scheduled for July 4 and visitors will also be able to admire the villa at night thanks to a new lighting system. Villa del Casale has remained partly open to the public during the restoration.

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