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New Initiative About Trafficking in Looted Artifacts

August 25, 2012

No, this is not a scene of Mars from the Curiosity rover – it’s a site in Jordan pock marked by antiquities looters.

Trafficking Culture is a new research initiative about “the global traffic in looted cultural artifacts.” Here’s a description of the initiative’s mission from their Web site’s homepage – if you like what you read, follow them on Facebook and Twitter:

Trafficking Culture is a research programme funded by the European Research Council, based at the University of Glasgow. The project is currently funded from 2012–16 and aims in that time to produce an evidence-based picture of the contemporary global trade in looted cultural objects.

On this website, you can keep up to date with the research as it progresses. The Projects pages outline the research activities which make up the overall research programme, and contain outlines of work to be undertaken in each research strand. The Encyclopedia is a constantly evolving resource which presents introductory materials on the research topic. We encourage you to start here if you are looking for a short case study of a famously looted artefact, a critical analysis of a relevant law, a selection of methodological orientations for conducting research on the topic, or a brief introduction to criminological or social theory which may help us understand and engage with the issues. The Publications tab will take you to our research output past and present.

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