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Dazzling discovery – mosaic masterpiece

September 18, 2012

An intricate, ornate and tremendously well preserved Roman mosaic covering more than 1,600 square feet has been unearthed in southern Turkey by an archaeological team led by art historian Michael Hoff, of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  The find is the largest of its kind in Turkey and has prompted questions about an area previously thought relatively insignificant in the context of the Roman Empire.

In a YouTube video Hoff explains the importance of the find. According to an article in LiveScience (via Yahoo News):

The first hint that something stunning lay underground in southern Turkey came in 2002, when Purdue University classics professor Nick Rauh walked through a freshly-plowed farmer’s field near the ancient city of Antiochia ad Cragum. The plow had churned up bits of mosaic tile, Hoff said. Rauh consulted other archaeologists, including experts at the local museum in Alanya, Turkey. The museum did not have funds to excavate more than a sliver of the mosaic, so archaeologists left the site alone.

The news gets better – 50% of the site has yet to be excavated.

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