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The British Museum’s new audio guide focuses on gay content in the museum collection

June 24, 2013

Warren Cup, Bittir (ancient Bethther), near Jerusalem, Roman, AD 5 – 15. A silver cup with relief decoration of homoerotic scenes, this object takes its name from its first owner in modern times, the art-lover and collector Edward Perry Warren (1860-1928).

The British Museum‘s latest audio guide, part of a new project called “A Little Gay History”, focuses on the homoerotic content in several ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian artifacts in the museum’s collection, according to Artlyst.  “The project concepted and written by curator Richard Parkinson explores what it means to be gay by recording same-sex themes in art from the ancient world to David Hockney.”  From the British Museum’s Web site is an audio interview with the curators involved in the project.

Now available in the British Museum's bookshop for £9.99.

Now available in the British Museum’s bookshop for £9.99.

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